Best Hotels To Stay In Morocco In 2019

Best hotels to stay in Morocco



Morocco is one of the most astonishing tourist sports preferred by travelers who are looking to experience the culture and guided excursions.

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a land of its own, with many great experiences to discover.


All types of hotels are available for a nice and relaxing stay in Morocco. Here are some of the best hotels to enjoy on a trip to Morocco.


While visiting, check for online deals available at websites that offer comparison deals. It can save you money and time by listing the various hotel prices to compare from.

Save money on your booking so you can spend more on experiencing Morocco at its fullest. Enjoy a camel ride or a desert buggy ride through the dunes.


Hotel Riad Idra

It is one of the most known hotels among travelers. Why? The staff here are top notch and ensure the best hospitality is offered to the guests since check in till checkout.


Pastries and various juices are offered at the time of check-in as an added bonus, sweet tooth check-in for sure. Start the hotel stay off right. The interior and the exterior of the hotel is well designed with a white color theme which offers peace to the mind and soul for the traveler.


The costs of the rooms vary from 175 to 265 Euros for 24 hours. Check the site for more detailed info on pricing. The hotel has a spa which also offers a traditional hammam, and massages in a calm and relaxing environment.


The room names are so appealing as in Warda (flower), Basma (smile), Ahlam (dream), etc. An interesting fact is this hotel is near to one of the Moroccan king’s palaces.

Desert and Mountain cuisines are a must try here. Consult with a local guide or book your excursion or vacation activity online.


La Sultana Hotel

It is one of the costliest hotels of Morocco and indeed the best if you have a little or a lot of extra cash to spend. There are a lot more activities to do here than the average place you stay in.


The beach is an attraction very nearby if you are looking to relax by the water and the local market is active with shops and local things to buy. The hotel offers 7-star facilities which are out of this world. If you want relaxation, this is the place for you.


It is perfect for bird watchers as a Bird safari can be enjoyed and an early morning yoga session with the sea wave sounds. If you are up for only 1 hour’s drive and one can experience the well known traditional falconry shows at El Jadida.


It’s a great experience watching the high and the low flying birds. Don’t forget to carry your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and of course the camera. It is very sunny and there are a lot of pictures you can take here. Like to surf?


This is one of the safest places to surf. There are experts surfing on the other side of the lagoon if you want to watch. They say the greatest waves can be found here, so surfers get ready to hit the water and enjoy some fun waves.


Horse riding at the beach can also be experienced if you want a more relaxing activity on your travels. The ride will be slow and can be done around sunset for a more romantic experience.

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